What is Co-Schedule?

Co-Schedule is an editorial calendar that is widely used by content creators to Schedule blog posts, Social media and also to assign team tasks from within the WordPress Platform. If you are a team of content writers who write Regular content, it makes your work easier by scheduling the content effectively with efficient promotion by growing the traffic and also saves time.
This tool lets you publish on Social Media platforms at a variety of timings based on our schedules. It can also share to Social Channel when your Scheduled post goes live, where many other services can’t do well.

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Reasons Why Co-Schedule is great in Features?

One can view articles, Social media posts, and events all in one.

Post types are categories into colors for better visibility

Gray – Published

Yellow – Draft

White –Schedule

Individual tasks are shown in the calendar, which gives you a good way to track your tasks

Send Reminder alerts every morning about the tasks pending or yet to be published and gets your content published on time.

There is also a feature to color the labels in the calendar which can be used to indicate the theme, type of content, and perhaps a Sub status. Although we don’t have access to name the label, so one has to remember what each color means or list out elsewhere.

Published post may also include a number in the bottom corner that represents the number of social media shares, Comments, and Likes. This gives you an insight on what content is going viral and can be used as a reference when planning social media promotions

The Ultimate Tool for Content Marketing

In Order to Get Started with Coschedule .One needs to go through these 5 Steps to experience the Coschedule features.

Step-1: Signup for Coschedule

In order to use this Tool, One need to Signup if you don’t already have one.So one needs to navigate to Coschedule Signup Page and input your Information. Coschedule Offers 14 Day Free Trial to give Users an Experience


One you create an account, you will be taken through a short process where you can link Coschedule to WordPress.Now enabling you to changes settings using CoSchedule Dashboard

Capture (1)

You can make necessary changes according to your Requirement. Make sure you set the correct Time Zone and content types.

Step-2: Set up New Calendar in CoSchedule

CoSchedule has multiple options and Flexible. It has drag and drops feature that enables you to rearrange tasks based on due dates in an instant. Let’s have a quick look at the dashboard


The Left-hand side of the dashboard consists of the main navigation and includes options such as current calendar and settings page. The center consists of two sections: My Upcoming and Top Content. This gives you an overview of schedules and social media shares and mentions respectively. On the right you can find My Task Lists, shows you any project tasks that are due

To set up a new calendar, click on Manage multiple calendars? Or +Add New Calendar from the bottom left-hand side of the dashboard.

You can add multiple calendars to your dashboard (But required additional Subscription). However, you can link them to one account to make them easier to manage. If you have done with the steps the calendar looks like this.


To add an event to the calendar, select a suitable date and click on plus icon in the top right corner of the specific date, fill the details and then click Add Event. The same process applies for WordPress posts.

Step: 3 Add a New Task in Coschedule

Tasks are the major elements in CoSchedule. They help us to break down the larger projects into manageable smaller tasks and enable you to assign different task to each member of the team.

There are two types of tasks in CoSchedule,-either content-specific or, a standalone task. To set up content-specific task firstly a pre-existing piece of content on your calendar. It may be a blog post or email newsletter. On the Right-Hand side of the screen, you will find the task list. You can add new task list by typing into the New Task field and it will be added to Before Publish list underneath.


After the task has been created, you can assign and reassign the task to different team members as well as set due dates.

CoSchedule_Assign_Date (1)

To setup, a standalone task, go back to the visual calendar and choose a date, click on plus icon. Now choose Task rather than Event.Next, fill in the task field and assign it to the team member, add a color if you wish and set a suitable due date:

CoSchedule_create_task (1)

Once you are done with assigning Task, click Save Task.

Step- 4 Manage your Task and Contributors

Once you click on assigned element in your calendar, you can see four buttons at the top of the screen. You can able to specify the type of content being produced, set a label color and assign a team member. You can also set the due date from here.

CoSchedule_Editor_Buttons (1)

You will also see some editing options on how to edit your content, down the page.

CoSchedule_Editor_options (1)

With this tool, you can create your content inside the CoSchedule app using Text Editor, upload a file from your computer, or even insert it from external sources like Google Docs, WordPress, and even Evernote.

On the higher price, you will also have access to Discussion tab. It enables you to chat about your project, and every discussion is saved for easy access until the end

Finally, comes the feature of Checkboxes. This may be a simple feature but ticking off the checkboxes after they are done is one of the key concepts of Coschedule. What are more features required to keep your team productive?

Step 5: SuperCharge Your Content Marketing

As we have seen CoSchedule is packed with multiple functionalities, can’t include every feature. I would like to focus on some of the functionalities, CoSchedule online Headline Analyzer. Once enabled, it grades your headline, which you can then optimize it to make it more compelling to readers.

Another Feature offered by Co-Schedule is Best Time Scheduling. This gives you guesswork out of your social media campaigns by posting them on various social media platforms during Peak Time. CoSchedule also offers you social media messages in Bulk which will be a time saver task. Finally, Analytics tab enables you to track how social media users are responds to your posts.

Although, Coschedule has plenty of features that are not discussed in our articles. CoSchedule provides in-depth guides to every aspect of its working

Is Co-Schedule for you?

Co-Schedule is ideal for Bloggers, a team of marketers and trainers. Being a blogger you must keep track of all the activities so that your efforts do not evaporate unnoticed. Over this, if you are a team of marketers trying to accomplish a particular task that has multiple elements, this could help your work done on time and also gives you accurate results.

If you are a trainer and has regular tasks to teach and multiple users, this co-schedule can help you to deliver the tasks at the most accurate possible and make your best out of it. It helps you to deliver the exact work and also helps you to assign regular tasks to the Students to make it practical

Is Co-Schedule Affordable?

Although there are many other free calendar tools available online, I strongly recommend this tool as it is especially dedicated to Content Writers who use WordPress and Team of workers who have multiple tasks to do regularly.

Free Trail:

If you want o Give a free trail, one can get access to free trail for 14 days and experience Co-Schedule and later on upgrade to the plan you like.14 day Trail Link

Solo Marketing

Solo Marketing is best for individual bloggers and solopreneurs has to access to 1 user account and 10 social media profiles. It is priced at $30/month billed annually.

Team Marketing

Team marketing is for growing teams, where we have multiple users and access to team workflow, inviting Guest Contributors, file sharing, invite 5 Users with 10 social profiles which are priced at $60/month billed annually.

Team Pro

Team Pro is for professional marketers who want to manage marketing campaigns, Advanced Reporting Analysis, Dedicated Account Management, Invite up to 25 Members and access to 100 social profiles. It is priced at$300/month billed annually.

Multi Calendar

It is especially for marketing at the sale with customized team permissions, phone support, advanced training option, custom social profile limits. This is billed at $1600/month billed annually.

Try  the Co-Schedule:

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