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Life itself is a quest of finding yourself that starts with a question Who You Are and you will on a quest all your life to find yourself.

The same a man or a human being will grow once he starts searching or shows interest in things that he doesn’t know about. And in the modern times, the search engines like Google have been designed. At first, the search engines used to be providing the information about the websites or business available only on the internet, but now a days the search engines have become so very popular that we can be able to get information regarding anything from any corner of the world.

The Internet has become a basic right of every human these days. And Google has become the primary need.
Google has answers for all of your questions starting from tiny and simple questions to deeply knowledgeable questions.

So, Search Engine Optimization is the answer for utilizing such a search engine like Google for developing and improving your business.

SEO is basically the process of making our business easily available to the customers who will be searching for related businesses online by modifying the website according to the standards of the search engine.


Why Do We Need SEO?

Having a website for your business doesn’t bring you profits and increase your market. Customers should reach your business and targeted customers should about the existence of your business. Customers who search for related information online should be able to find our business.

For example, you have got an e-commerce website and you have told about it to your friends, family, and relatives, but you don’t get benefited by it and the information about your e-commerce business should be known to the target customer. And to make this happen, you should have SEO linked to your website so that customers who search for similar services will find your business and make use of it.


Who Needs SEO?

Everyone who runs a business needs an SEO. As every business, these days need a website to make it within reach to a maximum number of audience. So, every business and business person has the need for an SEO these days.
Startups, local stores, consulting services, software services, restaurants, hospitals, jewelry shops, clothing stores, lawyers, businessmen, doctors, freelancers, e-commerce people, online business people everyone needs SEO.
If you have been running a local store and if you are thinking whether you should need an SEO or not, then we say that the customers these days are searching online even for getting the local information, so in that case you should be traceable to them and that is why you should need a website and an SEO as well.
SEO is not just about keywords. It is the major misconception about search engine optimization but is, in fact, a huge subject.


Doing SEO for an average website is a huge process and it is difficult to do and even requires great knowledge of the SEO subject.

First, you must need to know the keywords that customers are using to get information about the business.
And choosing keywords is also very important. You should pick a keyword that has high search volume and less competition.

Then comes the step of creating content for the website and this is the major step in the process of SEO. And content should be made keeping both the search engine, customers in mind.

Now the keywords need to included in the pages of the website.

Now the website needs to be submitted to the search engine. And for these sitemaps, robots, files need to be created.
Then is the step of removing the website technical errors with the help of the Google webmasters tool.
For increasing the value of our website in Google we should be creating website links and link profile needs to be analyzed for creating website links.

The links need to be pasted in the websites similar to our website.

Should take care and avoid website penalty.

For local businesses you can create Google My Business type of pages.

Should market the website in local classified sites.

SEO is such a huge and a continuous process.

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