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Teamreporter app

One of the daily task that we do in our office is a Morning status meeting, its a must need one to track the project status but it challenge team productivity in mean of the time.

Teamreporter is a web-based application that replaces status meetings, and instead uses daily email messages to keep groups informed.

How it works

Teamreporter pings each team member with scheduled email on every morning and ask for that day’s work,progress, problems and most important events.
Teamreporter sends an overview of the team’s status to your team at the next day based on replies .
Whole team understands the status and challenges,problems in the team and makes your team to focus on important tasks.

Teamreporter app Features:

  • It will ready in minutes and you will be able to add your team and team members immediately once you sign up.
  • Teamreporter is free to start. You need subscription only if you want more teams, team members or additional functions.
  • Customize the application based on your team’s existing workflows.For example, you can change the questions asked or the times for reminder mails and reports.C
  • Teamreporter is completely usable by email and a web browser.No Software needed
  • No need to remember extra logins for Your team members as Teamreporter communicates with your team members via email using their regular email addresses.
  • No administration needed as Reminder emails and reports will be sent fully automated.
  • Teamreporter is equally useful for teams, CEOs, and project managers


If you need  more teams or team members they have this pricing:
Startup-Plan 2×5: $19/month – 2 teams with max. 5 team members
Startup-Plan 1×10: $19/month – 1 team with max. 10 team members
Company-Plan: $49/month – 10 teams with max.  15 team members
Enterprise-Plan: $99/month – 25 teams with max.  20 team members.
Teamreporter also offers custom plans and self-hosted versions.
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